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The Learning Center


Oshuniversity is a grassroots initiative to educate individuals of African and Latino descent about Fecundity and Reproductive Health. Our Goal is to raise awareness of Infertility as a disease that can be managed through healthy habits.
The execution of this goal is done through informative, curriculum-based education across a vast array of age groups.

At Oshuniversity, “students” are classified in age groups and learn about Reproductive Health, infertility, it’s management and the options available to overcome the disease.
Accepting Enrollment Now. (Health and Sex Education teachers, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Groups, Organizations) Contact Us

Our Students

Classes and lectures are taught by Reproductive Health Care Professionals


Adolescent Boys and Girls
(5th-8th grade)


Teen Boys and Girls
(9th-12th grade)


Young Men and Women


Men and Women (24 and older seeking baseline information about their Reproductive Health)

RhD Candidates:

Men and Women (24 years and older Diagnosed with Infertility and contemplating or currently going through IVF. Coursework is intensive and upon completion candidates will receive their “RhD”, “Doctorate of Reproductive Health”

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