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There are many shades of
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Intended Parents

Dreaming of a Family

The color of your skin is not your ethnicity. Individuals of African and Latino descent are arguably the most diverse group of people on the planet. So why sacrifice that diversity when planning to build your family? Arriving at the decision to pursue 3rd party reproduction is never easy. It can be stressful and there’s a lot to consider.

OSHUN Fertility does the heavy lifting for you and thinks about all the things that you may not think about. Our mission is to educate and empower Black and Latino clients by helping them navigate through family building options without sacrificing their cultural needs. We do that by providing quality Black and Latina Egg Donors and helping you carefully choose empathetic Surrogate Mothers with cultural diverse backgrounds, all while facilitating the process for you as your advocate.

Shades of Brown

Intended Parents

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