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About Us

About the name OSHUN

Oshun is a deity of the Yoruba people of Southwestern Nigeria. Oshun is commonly known as the goddess of fresh waters, rivers, lakes, streams and brooks. She along with other Orishas were brought to the Western Hemisphere via the diaspora.
Oshun embodies reproductive health and is celebrated primarily, by black and latinos all over the world, especially Africa, The Americas and The Caribbean.

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About Our Agency

Educating & Empowering
Black & Latino Clients

We are the first egg donation and surrogacy agency
specifically for people of African and Latino Descent.

Founded in 2015 by Helen and Marcus Stephens, Oshun Fertility is a Diversity Fertility Services, LLC company that operates under the mission: To educate and empower Black and Latino clients by helping them navigate through family building options without sacrificing their cultural needs.

The Staff

Our Professional Team

Meet the people that will walk beside you along your family building journey

Helen Stephens


Marcus Stephens

Vice President

Jeff Gardere, Ph.D.

Director of Counseling Services


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