At Oshun we Educate and Empower Black and Latino intended parents by helping them navigate through family building options without sacrificing their cultural needs.

First Agency for African & Latino descent

We understand how important it is to maintain your cultural identity.

Educational and Counseling Approach

We serve you in a unique and holistic way by the best professionals.

Our Team’s eminent experience

Our Professional Staff shares a diverse and unique background

We scale to your needs

We are big enough to handle your needs, but also small enough to care.

Commitment to quality service

You deserve the best, that’s why every client receives concierge service.

Purpose driven results

So our success = your satisfaction.


Unleash The Fertile Deity In You

she is Oshun,
sweet water goddess reborn on this earth
to heal & to love.
to bring fertility and prosperity.
offer your honey, & she will
give you gold.
pour her your wine & you will
never feel thirst again.
she is Oshun,
goddess of fluidity,
of flow of water of blood of life.
much like ocean
much like depth
much like exploration.
drink from her waters
& you will never feel empty again.

Nyesha Lashay

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